Special Call – Sow Housing – 2012

The Pork Checkoff Animal Welfare Committee is requesting proposals on issues impacting the welfare of swine. Specific research areas of interest are listed below. All proposals submitted must address at least one of the specific research subtopics of interest described below.

All submitted projects should be multidisciplinary in their approach and should include neuroscience, performance, physiology, and behavior when applicable. Experimental designs must have all the appropriate controls to be considered for funding. Proposed methodologies need to be described in detail and behavioral methods and physiological assays used in the study need to be validated. Proposals need to also include power calculations to validate the proposed sample size. Projects that have cooperative arrangements with industry are strongly encouraged and will be prioritized. All approved projects using animals in research for any purpose must be reviewed by an Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) or equivalent. An ACUC approval is not only required for future publication of results in a peer reviewed journal, it also ensures a high standard of care of animals used in research in accordance with federal regulations and policies.