National Pork Board

Sow Housing – Special Call for Proposals

Systematic Literature Review and Needs Assessment of Housing Systems for Gestating Sows

Many different types of systems are being used to house gestating sows throughout the world today. Research has shown that these housing systems in current use have advantages and disadvantages for the overall well-being of the gestating sow. Currently, the National Pork Board’s Animal Welfare Committee sow housing research priorities target the development and evaluation of new and innovative housing systems and the optimization of components within existing housing systems. In efforts to further focus these research priorities and to develop educational resources for producers, the Pork Checkoff is making a special request for proposals to conduct exhaustive, systematic reviews of the domestic and international literature on any one of the following three categories:

  1. Individual stalls (specifically includes straight sided stalls, turn around stalls, and any other enclosed, individual housing system excluding free-access stalls)
  2. Group pens – individual feeding (electronic sow feeders, free-access stalls, feeding stalls, etc.)
  3. Group pens – group feeding (drop feeding, trickle feeding, etc)