Pork Profit Maximizer – Retail Edition

July 8, 2019

Total US pork exports in May were 172,170 MT, 1.1% lower than a year ago. US pork exports to China continue to improve and in May were 19,310 MT, more than double the volume exported last year. Exports to a number of other smaller markets, such as Colombia and Australia were also significantly higher than a year ago. However, high prices in April and May limited the volume of pork sold to traditional markets and the decline in that segment of trade offset gains in US trade with China.

Shipments to Mexico, the big- gest market for US pork, were 40,357 MT, 32% lower than a year ago. Exports to South Korea were 20,276 MT, 3.9% lower than last year. While the decline in exports to Mexico was quite dramatic, we also think it may be short-lived and likely reflected negotiations over tariffs. Weekly trade data shows a significant improvement in US pork exports and pork export sales in June. US pork export sales to Mexico during the four June weeks were 78% higher than a year ago. Pork export sales to China, however, were sharply lower during June even as China current- ly has a significant amount of pork purchased for delivery in the second half of the year.