During 2016, pork producers invested 40 cents for each $100 in value in hogs sold from January through December. The National Pork Board ended 2016 with revenues of $70.3 million, total spending of $74.4 million and a deficit of $4.1 million.

The National Pork Board allocates Pork Checkoff funds according to producer priorities determined through various methods. In 2016, 68 percent of Checkoff programs were allocated for national promotion programs, 29 percent for national research and education programs and 3 percent for consumer information programs.

The Pork Act mandates that a percentage of the Checkoff funds collected annually be returned to state pork producer associations for use in their own promotion, research and consumer information programs. The Pork Act delegate body determines the percentage of funds returned to each state. In 2016, Pork Checkoff funding collectively represented about 20 percent of all market deductions.

balance sheet

bar chart 2017 pork checkoff budget summary

donut chart showing breakout of 2017 checkoff budget