Keeping pork promotions top of mind isn’t just for consumers; it’s also for retailers. That’s why the Pork Checkoff has been rebuilding its relationship with Publix supermarkets in the southeastern United States. The Pork Checkoff has been working on promotions featuring pork tenderloin and other pork cuts.

“Pork can be a perfect complement for Publix Apron Simple Meals,” said the Pork Checkoff’s Elaine Otte.“This unique marketing concept is focused on grab-and-go shopping for busy, time-pressed shoppers.”

Kiosks in Publix stores offer recipes such as Blackened Pork Tenderloin with Grits and Red Bean Salad printed in both English and Spanish. All the ingredients needed to make the recipe are located by the kiosk.

“These promotions can generate significant year-over-year sales,” Otte said.