B. PRRS Economic Proposal: Goals and Objectives – 2010

Porcine reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus has a severe economic impact for swine producers. The last economic analysis of the impact of PRRS to the industry showed a yearly cost of $560 million U.S. dollars (Neumann et al. 2005). However, this study was performed in 2005. Since that time, many different aspects of pork production have changed and different attitudes towards disease control/elimination strategies are now impacting subsequent actions taken.

In order to account for these industry changes and to provide updated economic impact information regarding the PRRS virus, the National Pork Board is posting a request for proposals to be submitted to address this specific issue. We are requesting proposals that can address the
issues listed below under Desired Outcomes. The maximum funding amount for the proposal is $80,000. The specific desired outcome for a proposal is outlined below.