by Jan Miller

Jan Miller, chair of the Pork Checkoff Producer/Public Health and Workplace Safety Committee, Belden, Nebraska

Safety is one of the non-negotiables in pork production and also is a never-ending learning process. As pork producers continually adapt to new technology, research and innovations, it’s important that safety remains a focus. On our farm, we find that safety checklists are an easy way to stay proactive and to ensure that everyone is safe.

On the farm, we all need to ensure that we have safety protocols in place to meet and exceed any safety compliance recommendation. That means adjusting safety protocols to fit our farms’ needs. It is easy during hectic days to overlook safety basics, such as using equipment to protect hearing, or having fire extinguishers and safety glasses ready for use. Yes, sometimes we think it is a quick job, but do not let that keep you from being safe. It can be in those quick moments that your life is changed forever.

There are numerous resources available from the Pork Checkoff that can help you establish or update your safety protocols. Take advantage of what is available to you at The Checkoff developed these resources from research, from the experiences of pig farmers and, unfortunately, from tragedies. As farmers, we need to use all the resources available to us to be safe in our daily job. And we know that focusing on safety also benefits the pigs that we raise.

So, take a few minutes to review the safety tips in this newsletter, then dive deeper to get more tips at to make your farm safe. It only takes a few minutes of preparation to avoid any unwanted situations, but I think you’ll agree that it is time well spent for the peace of mind that it offers.