famebit-logoThe National Pork Board (NPB) partnered with YouTube’s FameBit to run a summer grilling influencer campaign. Throughout July, 12 well-known YouTube influencers created and posted videos on their channels speaking all about the pork cooking message and grilling pork to the correct endpoint cooking temperature of 145 degrees F.

FameBit is a YouTube marketing platform where brands such as NPB can easily collaborate with YouTube social influencers. With FameBit’s help, NPB identified content creators that align with its mission and values to help amplify and reinforce the pork cooking message of a proper endpoint cooking temperature of pork whole muscle cuts.

Contracted creators had the freedom to create video content that was relevant and appealing to their audience with the simple call-to-actions of 1) Buy more pork for your grill this summer, and 2) Cook it properly. The nature of promoting pork as a category allows for a very natural integration into the influencers’ video content.

The YouTube creators that NPB collaborated with span three categories: fitness and health, families, and food. The videos have been curated in a playlist on NPB’s YouTube channel. The partnerships have been successful so far; for example, NPB partner influencer Binging with Babish has nearly 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and his sponsored NPB video has over 1 million views.

The goal of this summer grilling campaign was to make sure NPB is meeting consumers where they spend their time digitally and ensuring pork is part of that conversation. Forty percent of YouTube millennial subscribers say the creators they follow online understand them better than their friends do.* So while consumers often express skepticism to cooking pork to a blush pink 145 degrees F, the partnered creators add credibility to that message. They also help get the pork cooking message to consumers NPB might not otherwise reach.

This campaign is an extension to the $3 million partnership NPB has with Google for 2018. NPB is planning more campaigns with FameBit for the remainder of 2018, so stay tuned for more sponsored creator content on YouTube soon. Influencers are currently creating more content promoting grilling pork that will launch in September along the themes of tailgating, back-to-school, and Family Meals Month, all while reinforcing the proper endpoint cooking temperature of 145 degrees F.