Pork Checkoff Partners with Yummly

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Pork Checkoff Partners with Yummly


Don Wick


Jarrod Sutton, VP Domestic Marketing, National Pork Board




Don Wick:  00:04  From the Pork Checkoff in Des Moines Iowa, it’s Pork Pod.  Pork Pod, a look at the hot topics in today’s pork industry. The Pork Checkoff is working for you through various forms of research, promotion, and consumer information projects.  This is Don Wick speaking on behalf of the Pork Checkoff. And today our guest is Jarrod Sutton, who is the Vice President of Domestic Marketing for the National Pork Board.  And the National Pork Board has a unique partnership underway on pork recipe development and distribution. This is really part of the Pork Checkoff’s change in their digital strategy. Jarrod bring us up to date if you would.

Jarrod Sutton:  00:37  Yeah thanks Dan. Thanks for the opportunity. It’s exciting to think about some of the changes that are in the mix right now as we consider it through our domestic marketing strategy here at the National Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff.  How we can position pork for the emerging new needs of new consumers and the demand landscape as it continues to change. And you know there’s so many opportunities for us to engage with partners that can help us to really meet new consumers, as well as existing, wherever they are. And I think for us it’s really important that we’re as we go through this shift thinking about how to really understand who our best customers and consumers are, and then where they are, but also what their needs states are. And pork has a portfolio of options to hopefully meet a lot of different consumers’ needs states.

Jarrod Sutton:  01:31  But you know we want to invest in understanding that better. And you know consumers will exhibit these buying patterns based on whatever that whatever those needs states are and so the more we understand what those needs states are, the better apt we are for realizing some potential growth and innovation in the pork industry to fill a need. And so that’s really exciting for us. One of the one of the things we’ve learned over the last several years is, obviously, consumers are always looking for new ways to you know prepare pork, to enjoy pork. And you know we’re thinking about pork more so in the context of how the user interacts with it as a food and then trying to push some of our messages to ensure that when they’re connecting with us at those right needs states and occasions that you know we can effectively become a part of that routine and on the mental shopping list frequently.  One partner that has presented us with a great opportunity is Yummly, and Yummly is spelled just like it sounds, Y U M M L Y.   Yummly is a data set that captures recipes.

Speaker 2:  02:46  That’s probably the easiest way to describe it. And this is a really unique recipe partnership for the National Pork Board and Yummly, because what Yummly is, it’s a Web site, as well as a mobile app.  And of course we know that that many consumers access a lot of information via their smartphones and so Yummly works in that space as a mobile app.  And they connect right to the cook with the right food and the right recipes at the right time. And so this this Yummly partnership presents all kinds of cool opportunities for us as a Pork Board, a pork industry, to ensure that that we’re positioning our product and ideas for what to do with our product in front of the consumer before they even know that they’re hungry.

Jarrod Sutton:  03:31  And I think that’s one of the key selling points to this partnership with Yummly and so the change in this digital strategy, and specifically how the Pork Board is going to manage its vast database of pork recipes, really reflects a combined focus on capturing meal trends with how today’s cook is searching for information. And so this is really the first step in that process to build a relationship with an industry leader in recipe development and an aggregation and distribution.

Don Wick:  04:11  Makes so much sense.  That’s where people are searching for recipes today. Tell me is there also an opportunity to maybe educate on cooking temps or some of the other characteristics that we have with the product?

Jarrod Sutton:  04:22  Have to, Don!  I think as we lean on this three legged stool, for lack of a better term, for our long term growth for pork consumption.  The three legged stool is really primarily focused on the pork loin, and so number, one as we’ve talked for some time, we have got to ensure consumers understand the right end point cooking temperature for pork that’s safe, but really delivers the optimum eating experience.  Less is more, and so of course, we now have and have had for a few years, with USDA’s approval and proven through science, the ability to safely serve pork at 145 degrees with a three minute rest.  And so that’s a huge opportunity for us to continue to find new ways, with partnerships like Yummly, to drill that message into consumers and change that mindset. So that’s number one. Number two is how we merchandise the cuts, and we call that nomenclature.

Jarrod Sutton:  05:15  So what do we call the pork cuts, not just necessarily an assorted pack of pork chops, but rather a porterhouse pork chop, or a New York pork chop, or a ribeye pork chop. So how we merchandise those cuts sends a different message to the consumer, and then of course, the third piece, the third leg of the stool, is to ensure that it’s a consistent high quality product, and consistent so that the consumer can continue to come back, increase their frequency in purchasing, and have that same eating experience. And so those are key points of content that will be a piece and part of every recipe that’s included in this Yummly database. And so we have that, we have had that. The problem that we’ve had, Don, is we haven’t had access to a whole lot of people.  For whatever reason, people tend to go to sites like Yummly, or apps like All Recipes, or those types of websites and mobile apps that are easy and it’s total comprehensive.

Jarrod Sutton:  06:21  And so what Yummly likes and has told us, what they like about the National Pork Board and its recipe database, is the content. So we not only have amazing photography that that illustrates the beautiful versatility and flavor that pork offers, and does it in a really attractive fashion, gets people’s eyeballs, and hopefully their mouths, watering. We also have all of the ingredients obviously. But what’s most important to Yummly is this step by step process to ensure that the consumer or the user or whoever is visiting Yummly and their site to the app has everything they need.  They don’t need to go to another site. That’s the biggest problem that Yummly has is people will see something on their site and then go somewhere else to find out how to prepare it.

Jarrod Sutton:  7:09  With the pork recipes, we got the picture, we got the ingredients.  But we also have the step by step process. And of course that’s where we really drill into the details about the specific preparation method, the time to ensure that the endpoint temperature gets it to where it delivers a really good eating experience. So really exciting to not only have the opportunity to promote new ideas to new consumers about how to use pork, but to ensure that as we do introduce these recipes to Yummly’s 20 million plus monthly users, which is a lot of people, we get to do it the right way right from the beginning.

Don Wick:  07:41  When does this launch, Jarrod?

Jarrod Sutton:  07:43  So our partnership begins in October of 2017. So we’re right in the middle of it, Don. It’s a transitional process.  We’re uploading all of our content into the Yummly system. It’s really a great opportunity for us to partner with somebody of this size and scale.  And so this will be kind of a soft launch over the next few months. We intend with our overall digital strategy to really push this to a much much larger consumer base. Yummly’s users are devoted followers and they use technology to drive food purchases and they drive traffic back to food blogger sites. And so as we launch this, as we start to you know roll this out to Yummly’s $20 million plus monthly consumers, we’re going to quickly realize ways for us to extend that reach through some of those points that I just made and and really start to you know realize new growth as a result of this.

Jarrod Sutton:  08:45  It all starts with searching the app for a recipe and finding the ideal recipe and generating a list of the foodstuffs that are needed to purchase. And as I said, pork has got that in its content library. Yummly is going to serve as a powerful engine to push that out over the next few months. And once we get into 2018, we’re going to realize some significant growth in terms of the numbers, in terms of the reach and frequency, and what we intend to do at the end of the day in terms of driving sales.  And so that presents a lot of opportunities and excitement for us here.

Don Wick:  09:20  Jarrod Sutton from the National Pork Board. Thank you for listening to this edition of Pork Pod. For more information on this topic or the Pork Checkoff itself, visit the website pork.org.