craig morris vice president international marketing
Craig Morris, Vice President of International Marketing

For the first time, the National Pork Board (NPB) has included international marketing as one of its four focused organizational goals for the year. This critical inclusion is a recognition of the important role strategic international marketing will play in U.S. producer profitability during 2018 and the ability of our industry to sustainably grow in the future.

Success will be measured by our ability to maximize the return on increased Checkoff investment in international marketing as well as driving accountability with strategic partners by:

  • Engaging the top eight U.S. pork packers in developing a comprehensive marketing plan that assesses current packer export tactics and goals, and then determines how the Pork Checkoff can best support U.S. pork export efforts for each packer
  • Ensuring the new NPB International Marketing Committee (IMC) plays a meaningful role in the development of the U.S. Meat Export Federation’s (USMEF) unified export strategy and participates in an international marketing mission
  • Leveraging the Checkoff’s USMEF investment by integrating in-country staff market understanding into the Checkoff’s domestic marketing multicultural strategy through at least one in-country immersion visit

Also, NPB’s international marketing department will provide more frequent reports on our, and our partners, execution of international marketing objectives, ensuring that communication about the return on producer investment is clear.

New International Marketing Committee  

NPB has renamed and restructured its International Trade Committee to more closely align the name of the committee with its function in advising NPB how to best deploy international marketing investments. The result is a smaller, more focused group with heavy Board member involvement in the tactics surrounding funding recommendations. The smaller size encourages members to develop an expertise in how Checkoff deploys international marketing resources in foreign markets by allowing more cost-effective and frequent international travel.

The committee includes:

  • Jan Archer (NC), NPB Past President
  • Bill Luckey (NE), Producer
  • Glenn Stolt (MN), Producer
  • Norm Bessac (SD), Packer
  • Conley Nelson (IA), Packer
  • Jennifer Tirey (IL), State Executive
  • Ken Maschhoff (IL), National Pork Producers Council Past President
  • Mike Skahill (VA), NPB Liaison
  • Karen Richter (MN), Checkoff representative on USMEF Executive Committee
  • Randy Spronk (MN), Pork Producing and Feeding Sector representative on USMEF Executive Committee
  • Dermot Hayes (IA), Ex Officio Committee Economist

Pork 2040

The Pork Checkoff and USMEF are engaging in a foresight-based marketing study to investigate changing consumer attitudes and trends in developed and emerging U.S. pork export markets. This study will provide the industry with a deeper, more holistic view of the current and future situation for U.S. pork exports.

Unlike previous marketing studies, this unique effort will go beyond the quantitative numbers of demand, production and market access and will look at other relevant factors that shape consumers’ opinions, and hence the markets, for pork and pork products over the next several decades. In addition to analyzing linear consumer trends, this research will also look at trends in the development of new production and marketing technologies, new environmental concerns, and new legal, trade and regulatory regimes around the globe.

Comprehensive research like this is vital to NPB’s international marketing efforts – both this year and in the future – as we need to stay ahead of the curve and make sure we can take proactive steps to market products in new and emerging markets for years to come.