By Jason Menke

Beginning Nov. 1, Pork Checkoff payments will all be made online through the National Pork Board’s convenient, easy-to-use, secure system, according to Calvin Vandekrol, vice president of finance and accounting for the Checkoff.  “The new system will save time, paper and money,” Vandekrol said. “But more importantly, pork producers will continue to have flexible payment options.”

Collecting and reconciling manual payments cost about $150,000 annually, including bank fees, postage, paper, printing and staff time.
“Moving to all-online payments will save producer dollars that can be invested instead in Pork Checkoff research, promotion and education efforts,” he said. A majority of producers already are paying Checkoff electronically. Those now sending manual payments will need to get on board by Nov. 1. Letters are being mailed with instructions on how to register and obtain login credentials. Producers can also go to or call (800) 456-7675.

Easy-to-Use Options

With the online system, there are three ways to report and submit payments:

  1. ACH Payment – File reports and pay online with an ACH withdrawal from your checking account. This is the most widely accepted and efficient payment method, Vandekrol noted.
  2. Paystub – File reports online and print a paystub to mail in with your check. You can forgo an ACH withdrawal, which works well for producers with a separate department that cuts accounts payable checks.
  3. “Zero Reporting” –  If you don’t have any sales for a period, no remittance or reporting is needed.

“Going to an all-online payment system is a fiscally responsible move,” said National Pork Board CEO Bill Even. “And it is in-line with the We Care℠ ethical principle that calls for safeguarding our natural resources. This will eliminate a significant paper trail and reduce our carbon footprint.”