A recent study examined consumer response to the new 145°F cooking temperature for pork and pinpointed Pork Champions as key players in spreading the message about the revised guidelines.

Retailers, rejoice:  these findings mean that your Pork Champion shoppers are receptive to the 145°F message and are happy to share the news with their friends!

In June of 2011, the National Pork Board conducted an online quantitative survey of 700 Pork Champions and 300 Primary Shoppers (those who are the main grocery purchasers for their household).  The goal of the study was to explore consumers’ understanding of and reaction to pork’s new endpoint cooking temperature.
Not surprising, the study showed that Pork Champions found the 145°F message more appealing than Primary Shoppers.  After being introduced to the concept of the lower cooking temperature, there was an 18% shift among Pork Champions indicating they would switch their pork cooking doneness from well done to medium or medium rare.
Pork Champions believe the new guidelines will deliver a juicier and more tender eating experience, and they are very likely to share the new standard with others. For retailers, this creates an ideal climate to impact consumers who already enjoy pork by helping them create pork eating experiences that they’ll want to shout about!
We’ve identified the key takeaways from the study and outlined actions steps you can implement in your meat case.