Our integrated branding effort focuses on reaching a new target known as Pork Champions, those consumers who already prepare, eat and love pork. That’s great news for you, because it means the new target is already shopping your meat case for fresh pork and other proteins.
Knowing as much as you can about your key pork consumers will help you reach them more effectively.

Pork Champions:

  • are men and women
  • are medium to heavy fresh pork users, meaning they serve fresh pork at least once every two weeks
  • consume both chicken and beef at higher rates, indicating they like all meat
  • are more likely over 35 years of age and under 65 years of age
  • have children who are most likely older than 12 years of age or are empty nesters
  • hold either a four-year or associate college degree
  • have a yearly household income of 50K to 90K
  • are social, outgoing and involved in the community
  • enjoy cooking and are confident cooking pork
  • share cooking tips with friends and neighbors
  • are willing to try new things in the kitchen even if they don’t work out
  • have a positive outlook on life and the future