Everything pork, all in one place. The Pork Book, new from the North American Meat Institute and Urner Barry in cooperation with the Pork Checkoff, reviews the fundamentals of the pork trade from farm to table. Praised by seasoned industry vets and foodservice newcomers, the book offers comprehensive, easy-to-read infographics and charts across a variety of topics, including pork history, breeds, production, processing, cuts and pricing, food safety, preparation guides, animal health and environmental impact.

The Pork Book also includes a built-in training program, with chapter review quizzes and key terms. It’s an ideal reference for anyone looking to learn more about pork, from veteran kitchen staff to students.

Also recently released: the Pork Book card deck, featuring popular cuts of pork in four suits: loin, shoulder, bellies/ribs, and ham.

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