China Market Assessment and 20-Year Foresight Analysis of Pork and Processed Pork Product Consumption are the Focus of NPB’s International Marketing Research Initiative

The National Pork Board and the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) are collaborating on a foresight marketing study called Pork 2040.

The goal of this study is to investigate changing consumer attitudes and trends in developed and emerging U.S. pork export markets. Pork 2040 will aid decision-makers in business, government, and non-profit organizations by helping stakeholders understand and accommodate the myriad of challenges arising from ever-evolving factors affecting the global food system.

Proposals are being sought to select a firm based on demonstrated competencies and desired qualifications to perform the services related to the area of the project focused on a critical export market for U.S. pork exports: China.

The contractor selected will work closely with the NPB International Marketing staff and other allied industry stakeholders to complete this ambitious project and yield actionable results for the benefit of the entire U.S. pork industry. Proposals are due December 21, 2018, and a selection will be made by February 1, 2019.