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Adam Krause of South Dakota is one of three individuals honored as the 2018 Pig Farmer of Tomorrow during the National Pork Industry Forum in Kansas City. In this edition of Pork Pod, learn more about Adam’s involvement in the industry and his plans for the year ahead.


Don Wick


Adam Krause, 2018 Pig Farmer of Tomorrow




Don Wick:  00:04  From the Pork Checkoff in Des Moines Iowa, it’s Pork Pod.  Pork Pod, a look at the hot topics in today’s pork industry. The Pork Checkoff is working for you through various forms of research, promotion, and consumer information projects.  This is Don Wick speaking on behalf of the Pork Checkoff and today our guest is Adam Krause, from Clear Lake, South Dakota.  Adam, along with Emma Lasco and Christine Snowden, both from Iowa, have been named the 2018 Pig Farmers of  Tomorrow. They were recognized at the National Pork Industry Forum in Kansas City. Adam, let’s begin by way of introduction.

Adam Krause:  00:40  Yes sir!  My name is Adam Krause. I live in Clear Lake, South Dakota. I am a fourth generation farmer here. I’m following in the footsteps of my grandfather and my father. I grew up on a farm outside Clear Lake and now I’m lucky enough to be able to move back to that farm and live on that farm with my wife. We run a diversified crop farm with corn, soybeans, wheat and oats with my dad and brother. As well as we raise pigs for a company called Supreme Pork Incorporated, based out of Clear Lake as well. My dad had some finisher barns and I’m a contract nursery grower. I’ve always loved having pigs on the farm and very happy to continue this tradition.

Don Wick:  01:19  Traditions, right. It’s nice to have that family connection, isn’t it?

Adam Krause:  01:22  Yes sir. Absolutely.

Don Wick:  01:29  So this Pig Farmer of Tomorrow award relatively new? Tell me what your thoughts are to be, to be recognized for this honor.

Adam Krause:  01:35  It’s been a pretty humbling experience actually.  I know that the interview process was, was pretty in depth and it’s, there’s a lot to that goes into it.  I know a lot of people applied for the award and you know, I can’t guarantee I’m the best pig farmer out there. In fact, I know I’m not, but I’m, I’m gonna do my best to represent this award and represent an industry I love dearly. Because to be honest, I, this is my second time applying. I actually applied the first year it was out.  A couple of people told me I should apply, I gave it a shot and I wasn’t successful that first time. And then I got to see last year’s Pig Farmers of Tomorrow, Maddie, Kyle and Logan.  Got to see their Facebook Lives and their Snapchats and see the things they were doing and realized this is something that I really wanted to try for again. So, with some advice from others,  gave it a shot again. And here I am.

Don Wick:  02:29  You mentioned some of those social media things that have been done in the past. What’s your experience with those kinds of things now?

Adam Krause:  02:37  It’s fairly limited, I guess. I mean I’m an avid Facebooker and Snapchatter.  People who are friends with me on those social medias know me, know me pretty well from my pig Snapchats. But as far as going Facebook Live or, or switching and switching gears and taking over another Snapchat, I’d never quite done that before. So that’ll be a little bit of a new experience for me. But I’m excited for the process.

Don Wick:  03:01  What do you hope to do as an award winner? How do you carry that message?

Adam Krause:  03:05  So, and this is something, I mean, during the interview, they kind of asked, they asked us what we wanted to get out of this award, you know, being an award winner.  And three main things kind of came to mind. First., I want to get better at talking with consumers. There’s a lot of hot topics in the pork industry, and the egg industry as a whole in general. So, just being able to share a message of what we do every day and what we do to make a living is very important. Second I want, I wanted to experience new things, obviously being, being able to better speak with consumers as part of that, but just taking opportunities through the Pork Board and able to travel. You know, like we mentioned, going on Facebook Live for the first time, speaking at places, things like that.

Adam Krause:  03:55  Things I’ve never done before. I’m really looking forward to those opportunities. And lastly, probably the main one, I just want to become, become a better pig farmer myself.  I’m hoping this award, and it’s already proven. I’m hoping this award puts me in contact with some of the best pig farmers in my state and in the nation.  Just bouncing off ideas and being able to think outside the box and bring things home to my home operation to become a better operator and a better pig farmer. That’s something I’m really passionate about and something I hope I can get better at.

Don Wick:  04:33  Certainly, it’s a great industry and being able to connect with all these folks nationwide, it’s gotta be a huge benefit. You talked about that connection to the consumer. Why is it important that farmers are reaching out and making that connection?

Adam Krause:  04:49  Well, from my experience, growing up, we always hear, we hear the phrase, you know, the customer is always right.  And that’s true in a lot of cases. However, when the customer realizes or doesn’t realize where their food comes from, we have a gap. And as farmers and grain producers and agriculturists all alike, it’s our job and our duty to help bridge that gap so that we have well informed consumers and consumers that are able to make those choices. I just want people to know that I’m in my barn every day and everything I do on and off the farm,  it’s to create a better, better life and better welfare for the pigs that I have in my care.  Because if we take care of the pigs, the pigs take care of us.

Don Wick:  05:35  Adam Krause from South Dakota. Again, along with Emma Lasco and Christine Snowden, all name 2018 Pig Farmers of Tomorrow, representing the next generation of American pig farmers. We’ll have updates with Christine and Emma in future editions of the Pork Pod. Thank you for listening to this edition of Pork Pod. For more information on this topic or the Pork Checkoff itself, visit pork.org.