2019 Pork Checkoff Annual Report

In the Game… A Letter from Your President: Pork producers historically haven’t been the wait-and-see types that sit on the sidelines. Not at all. Instead, for over five decades, U.S. pig farmers like you and me have been working together to make big things happen, or as in the case of 2019, to make big […]

Maintaining Your Freedom to Farm

Traveling to state pork association meetings this winter, from Iowa to Indiana to South Dakota and beyond, I have heard a lot of talk about international marketing, African swine fever and profitability. Each time I visit with producers, however, one message always comes through loud and clear: Producers are concerned about their freedom to farm. Some […]

Agility: Key to Today’s Success

Looking for a new pork chop recipe to try? No problem, just ask your smartphone for ideas. Too busy to grocery shop? Choose what you need online and pick it up on your way home. Or how about subscribing to a meal-kit service that drops everything you need for an impressive pork dinner right at […]

There’s Nothing Cold About These Cuts

Three Ways to Engage Shoppers During Deli Meat Month  March is National Deli Meat Month and National Nutrition Month, which makes it a great time to raise awareness about how healthful, flavorful and convenient deli meats can be. They’re a great source of protein, full of vitamins and minerals, and an easy, on-the-go option. For example, a 2-ounce serving of sliced ham has just 60 calories and about two grams of fat, while boasting 10 grams of protein.   […]

Reflections on Annual Meat Conference

Conferences are funny things.   At their worst, they’re merely an opportunity to get together to see the same people we see every year, socialize over free food and drink, and get a few more flights and hotel nights that let us rack up reward points.   At their best, they provide great opportunities to network, make […]

Summer Grilling 2020: Economic Analysis

Plentiful supply should keep pork at the top of merchandising lists  Preparing for the grilling season, two questions are top of the mind for a pork retail merchandiser:   Is there enough pork supply?   Will prices allow me to feature pork successfully?  The latest data offers a firm yes on both counts.   According to USDA and Steiner Consulting data, the […]