Pork Profit Maximizer, February 17, 2020

Retail Edition Cattle and hog futures have posted sharp declines since China announced an outbreak of Coronavirus in its Hubei province. While the disease was first discovered in late 2019, it was not until late January that Chinese officials recognized (accepted) the scale and virulence of this new virus. The disease has been compared to […]

Nothing Fires Up Summer Grilling Promotions Quite Like…

Ways to Win Grilling Season with Pork  It may be cold outside, but grilling season is heating up. As retailers look ahead to their Summer and Fall promotional and merchandising plans, pork should be at the top of the list. From ribs to chops, grilling season is prime pork season. Expanding promotions to include other pork cuts like shoulder and specialty sausages can help you secure bigger baskets this year. To help you draw in more pork fans, […]

How Animal Welfare Contributes to Food Safety

As consumers look more closely at their food labels, they increasingly search for claims around animal welfare. Our Insight to Action research found 21% of meat buyers say “Certified Humane” is important and something they’re willing to pay more for, and 36% say they worry about how animals for food are raised.    Likewise, our research found […]

Colombia Remains Hot U.S. Market

Trade team builds customer relationships, explores new opportunities Sustainability isn’t just top of mind for consumers in the U.S., it’s also a growing concern for pork consumers around the globe. During a recent trade mission to Colombia, U.S. pig farmers shared their We CareSM sustainability story with key customers and learned more about the valuable […]

Pork 2040 Zeroes in on China’s Growing Protein Needs

Study details ways U.S. pork can help fill China’s immediate protein gap A new report from the National Pork Board digs into the growing protein needs facing China in the short- and long-term, and how U.S. pork can position itself to meet that demand. The report, Pork 2040: China Market Assessment, also looks at the […]

Time to Tango

Checkoff research outlines how to grow key Hispanic market share There’s a consumer group in the U.S. approaching 60 million people that will have $1.7 trillion in total buying power in the next year, spending more than $94 billion annually in consumer packaged goods, including food and beverages. Who are they? Hispanic consumers, and they play […]

Broadening Consumers’ Healthy Food Purchases

February is American Heart Month, and heart health is top of mind for many Americans. Pork should also be on the top of the list as people look for ways to make food choices that are both nutritious and flavorful. But many people still have misconceptions about the nutrition in fresh, whole-muscle pork. We talked to three registered dietitians about what the […]