National Pork Board

Nutritional Efficiency Call For Proposals

The National Pork Board introduces a new Swine Nutritional Efficiency research effort to assist producers to reduce or optimize feed costs. This effort will target areas related to nutritional efficiency and will be directed through a stakeholder consortium coordinated by the National Pork Board Animal Science Committee and a Feed/Nutrition Advisory Group. The primary objectives of the program are:

  • To economically maximize production efficiencies through improved feed conversion and reduced/optimized feed costs.
  • To help producers lower feed costs through improved feeding technologies and information about the use of lower cost alternative diet components.
  • To develop comprehensive research programs to address genomic and cellular level nutrient utilization processes and capabilities in the pig.

Proposals must be submitted following the attached format to be considered. Projects are intended to be funded on a one-year basis. Multi-year projects may be considered based on the project priority and the availability of one time funds sufficient to support this and subsequent years. Consideration for funding subsequent years of multi-year efforts may also be considered based on demonstrated accomplishments of previously funded research efforts toward success of the overall research project as described in interim or final research reports, and submittal of a proposal for each subsequent year’s available funding covering the new funding requested. Researchers are encouraged to find matching funds and projects that are multidisciplinary in their approach are strongly encouraged and will be prioritized. Researchers are reminded to submit simple, accurate, clearly understood budgets per the on-line application process that adequately meet the requirements as specified.

All eligible proposals will be reviewed by expert panels for scientific validity. Funding recommendations will be made by the stakeholder consortium based on pork industry priority. Proposals may be returned to the investigator with suggested/requested revisions prior to making a final funding decision. Funding for accepted projects will follow final approval by the National Pork Board.