Can Pork Appeal to Younger Generations?

As Gen Z enters adulthood and Millennials gain more buying power, get married and become parents, these generations are becoming increasingly important for the food industry. In fact, Millennials are now the largest living generation in the country, according to a 2017 Pew research study.

While these generations and their growing wallets may be good news for many industries, it’s a bit of a cautionary tale for pork. All of that extra money is being spent on other foods, and unlike Boomers and Gen X, there’s considerably less “love” for fresh pork amongst Gen Z and Millennials.

To help everyone in the pork industry understand why this is occurring, and to offer a few potential opportunities and solutions, we created a new brief, “Generational Shifts.”

Our research uncovered four broad factors that influence younger generations’ food behaviors:

While pork wins on its budget friendliness, as well as its increased consumption amongst Millennials with children versus those without children, pork struggles to overcome health and convenience perceptions with younger generations. It’s not alone, though. It turns out that younger generations are less likely to eat all fresh meats.

So how do we in the pork industry respond to these changes? The answer lies in understanding generational shifts — not just in relation to pork consumption, but in regard to the entire food industry and overarching beliefs and behaviors. When we take a step back and look at the macro trends at play, we see that it’s not simply a matter of appealing to Millennials. The consumer landscape is shifting, and it’s affecting retail, foodservice, and all meat consumption as we know it. We must think differently if we want to be relevant in the coming decades.

Download the “Generational Shifts” brief here!

Let me know how we can help you understand more about generational beliefs and shopping habits!

Angie Krieger

Angie Krieger

Assistant Vice President, Channel Outreach

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