Jose De Jesus
Director of Multicultural Marketing

In 2018, the National Pork Board decided it was time to learn more about Hispanic perceptions and attitudes towards pork, and the relationship the product plays within this growing demographic.

As a result, a significant part of the National Pork Board’s current research will help us understand this multicultural segment.

Hispanics represent the future for industry growth, and it is of utmost importance to understand this distinct and diverse group. There are important cultural differences that distinguish Latinos from non-Hispanics that affect consumption patterns and occasions. Differences within the Latino community itself – country of origin, language preference, and level of acculturation to name a few – can also influence consumption and preferences.

Exploring these differences in the next phases of research will ensure we have a solid understanding of the role pork plays within the Latino community and their culture.

It is widely accepted that Latinos are more likely than non-Hispanics to consume pork on “special occasions” – specifically when they are together with friends and family. And while these types of get-togethers occur more frequently for Hispanics than non-Hispanics, there are still many meal occasions that do not include our protein. The research so far shows that pork is seen as the “life of the party.” However, not every day is a party and sometimes a meal is just a meal. Looking ahead, the research should delve into understanding how to become a part of the plate on a more frequent basis, and not just on special occasions.

It is critical for the pork industry to understand the segment that is driving the most population growth, is younger and raising more children, and has a measurably higher perception of pork than other groups. The research will look at key barriers and help us come up with a plan on how to address them. These include food safety concerns, health concerns, preparation complexity, convenience, grocery selection and away from home consumption. This full spectrum of understanding and solution evaluation will help the National Pork Board inform and advise our partners so they can make the right decisions to assure their future growth.

Once a quarter in 2018, we will post updates highlighting an interesting insight from our ongoing research.