Wouldn’t you like to know a little more about the shopping habits of your best pork customers? A recent survey by the National Pork Board offers valuable insight into these important pork purchasers and suggests effective ways to reach them at the meat case.

A quantitative study conducted in December 2011 surveyed 700 Pork Champions and 300 Primary Shoppers* to understand purchasing and preparation behaviors for whole pork loin.

The findings? Pork Champions, the consumers shopping your meat case that already prepare fresh pork at home, are fans of whole pork loins and pay attention to price per pound, not just package price.

Stat: Pork Champions purchase whole boneless pork loins much more frequently than Primary Shoppers: 56% of Pork Champions have purchased loins within the last 3 months, versus 35% of Primary Shoppers.
  • Takeaway: Create in-store POS materials to help consumers understand how to prepare a loin at home to promote incremental trial and purchase.
Stat: Half of Pork Champions and Primary Shoppers turn to whole loin for its value; nearly three-quarters of all purchasers cut the loin into roasts and/or chops.
  • Takeaway: Aggressively merchandise and feature whole boneless loins. This will be especially beneficial as value-conscious consumers search for alternatives to high-priced beef. Do you offer free slicing with the purchase of a whole loin? If so, be sure to let your customers know!
Stat: Pork chops are the most frequently purchased cut: 62% of Pork Champions say they have purchased pork chops in the past month compared to only 32% of Primary Shoppers.
  • Takeaway: Provide a consistent flow of recipes and prep tips for both bone-in and boneless chops, to give consumers a variety of meal planning ideas for this popular staple.
Stat: Price per pound is king for all cuts, followed closely by number of cuts per package.
  • Takeaway: Prominently place price per pound on both in-store signage and ad features to reach consumers looking for the most value for their protein dollars.
Use these tips to call attention to pork’s value and ease of preparation and make the most of an already-captive audience of pork fans.
* Pork Champions enjoy fresh pork and have eaten fresh pork at home at least once in the past 2 weeks. Primary Shoppers are solely responsible for the household grocery shopping