Part of continuous improvement in the pork industry means recognizing, inspiring and connecting with the next generation of American pig farmers. The Pork Checkoff’s Pig Farmers of Tomorrow program honors future farm leaders, ages 18 to 29, who intend to make pig farming their life’s work and who are committed to the U.S. pork industry and to raising pigs using the We CareSM ethical principles.

“One of the National Pork Board’s primary responsibilities is to train and motivate future pork industry leaders,” said National Pork Board President Terry O’Neel, a pig farmer from Friend, Nebraska. “The award is designed to recognize and inspire youth who are investing their time and energy into responsible pig farming.”

The Pork Checkoff is proud to introduce the 2018 Pig Farmers of Tomorrow, including: Emma Lasco, territory manager for Smithfield Foods Midwest Hog Production, Roland, Iowa; Adam Krause, K&K Farms, Clear Lake, South Dakota; and Christine Snowden, assistant sow farm manager for AMVC Management Services in Audubon, Iowa.

Why is it so important for producers to speak up for the pork industry?

Adam Krause

Consumers don’t necessarily realize that some of the false information they receive about the food they eat comes from people who are not involved in the ag industry. As farmers, it’s our duty to respectfully share with consumers that we do things because it is in our best interest to provide the best care for the animals that help us make a living.



Emma Lasco

It’s important for people in the industry to speak up so that our story gets told correctly. This way we can inform our consumers of all the care, time and passion that goes into putting safe pork products on a consumer’s plate.

Being named one of the Pig Farmers of Tomorrow gives me such a great opportunity to express the passion and love I have for this industry.


Christine Snowden

It’s extremely important for those of us in the swine industry to tell our story because we experience working with the animals firsthand every single day. We know the detailed care we give to those animals, and we need to share this.

Working in the pork industry is a rewarding career path. Not only do you get to work with animals every day, but you get a sense of pride from helping to feed the world.