Marketing record supplies of pork

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Pork supplies are record large. The National Pork Board is dedicated to marketing this large supply.


Don Wick


Jan Archer, President, National Pork Board




Don Wick:  00:01  From the Pork Checkoff in Des Moines Iowa it’s Pork Pod! Pork Pod, a look at the hot topics in today’s pork industry.  The Pork Checkoff is working for you through various forms of research, promotion and consumer information projects. This is Don Wick speaking on behalf of the Pork Checkoff. Today our guest is Jan Archer, President of the National Pork Board. As we begin this year 2017, what Jan do you see as the priorities for the Pork Checkoff?

Jan Archer:  00:29  The marketing, you know we’re looking at a record amount of pork coming onto our shelves and into our shackle space. And this is going to really force our hand we’re really going to have to focus on our domestic marketing, on our partnership with our retail partners, on our innovation team. We’re going to rely heavily on them and we’re going to rely very heavily on our exports. We’re really going to have to be looking off of our shores to market some of this pork. And the reality is we have a great product. We have a high quality product and we’re going to have a very affordable product. We’re really encouraged that we’re going to be able to sell this product.

Don Wick:  01:10  Let’s look at some of that individually domestic, what do you see as the ways. How do we get to that path to move more product domestically?

Jan Archer:  01:20  We are really looking at and our retail partners and we’re really looking at our channel partners probably days of marketing commodity pork by itself are waning. So we’re really looking at partnering with people who already do this for a living and helping to up to enhance their marketing efforts and putting our producer dollars towards that. We’ve seen some real successes with that. So we’re going to continue with that.

Don Wick:  01:50  Obviously when you’re able to do that you’re able to leverage those dollars in and get more bang for the buck I would imagine.

Jan Archer:  01:57  Yes that’s exactly right. And that’s what we’ve seen. And there’s a real synergy in being able to partner with the National Pork Board between the National Pork Board and our retail partners. It’s interesting, Over the holidays I saw a lot of change a lot of a lot of our retail partners a lot of our restaurant partners that had the little pork logo on their menus and on their advertising. And that was a real sign to me that they see value in what National Pork Board is offering.

Don Wick:  02:28  When you say innovation watch what kind of things do you see on the horizon for the innovation team?

Jan Archer:  02:34  They’re really looking hard at creating cuts and creating product from these very large carcasses. We are not going to see shrinking carcasses. We have we have packers that have invested huge amounts of money into their infrastructure and it’s important to them that they move as much pork for their facilities as they possibly can. So you know when I first got into this business our target weight was 220 pounds our target weight today is closer to 280. Closing it up 300 pounds. That creates some very large cuts that creates large hands that creates large loins and being able to cut that carcass into portion sizes that appeal to today’s customer is a challenge and it’s one that our innovation team is working really strongly with our Packer partners to create some something new for our customers.

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