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March/April 2016 Pork Checkoff Research Review

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Microbially Converted Soybean Meal as Fishmeal Substitute in Nursery Diets

This study evaluated the nutrient digestibility of microbially converted soybean meal (MCSBM) and its suitability as a fishmeal replacement in early weaned pig diets. Thirty-seven pigs were used to determine the crude protein and amino acids digestibility of MCSBM and fishmeal.

Key Points:

  • Microbially converted soybean meal (MCSBM) holds promise as a high-quality protein source for young pigs.
  • Lysine, methionine and alanine digestibility in fishmeal was greater in growing pigs than in weaned pigs.
  • Pig age did not affect protein or amino acid digestibility in MCSBM.

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