Bringing safe, nutritious pork products to America’s tables has always been the focus of the nation’s pork producers. But with consumers’ increasing interest in how the food on their tables is raised, farmers also have made it a priority to connect with consumers by sharing their stories and facts about pork production today.

One way pork producers are starting a conversation with consumers is through the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance’s (USFRA) Faces of Farming and Ranching program. The USFRA, funded in part by the Pork Checkoff, recently announced its five new Faces of Farming spokespeople, including pork producers Erin Brenneman, Iowa, and Thomas Titus, Illinois. The other farmers represent dairy, turkey, beef and vegetable production.

The new ambassadors will share their personal stories and experiences about agriculture with consumers through public appearances, events, media interviews and social media. While Titus and Brenneman have a shared enthusiasm for speaking up for pork, Brenneman, who moved to the farm after she married her husband, Tim, in 2004, offers a unique perspective.

Erin Brenneman, Iowa, and Thomas Titus, Illinois, are the new Faces of Farming and Ranching. To find out more, go to

“Back then, I was a girl fresh out of the city,” Brenneman said. “Today, I enjoy sharing my farm experiences and answering people’s questions about how their food is raised. I know how it is to someone on the outside looking in.”

Pork producers across the country are joining Brenneman and Titus in connecting with consumers. From the Pork Checkoff’s Operation Main Street program to the #RealPigFarming social media program, many voices are sharing stories of how pigs are raised today to help build confidence with pork consumers around the world.

– Jan Jorgensen, Editor