Jenna Bieri, Manager of Social Strategy

by Jenna Bieri, Social Strategy Manager

YouTube Creators engage, educate and entertain in the name of pork

Expanding on a larger partnership with Google, the National Pork Board has partnered with YouTube’s FameBit to engage in influencer marketing. FameBit is a YouTube marketing platform where brands such as NPB can easily collaborate with YouTube social influencers. With FameBit’s help, NPB can identify content creators that align with our mission and values to help amplify and reinforce the proper endpoint cooking temperature of pork whole muscle cuts.

Research shows that consumers have a great deal of trust in the influencers they follow.

  • 40% of YouTube subscribers say the creators they follow understand them better than their friends
  • 70% of subscribers say that YouTube creators change and shape culture
  • 60% of millennials say they would make a buying decision based on the recommendation of their favorite creators
  • 70% of teens say they relate to creators more than traditional celebrities

So while consumers often express skepticism to cooking pork to a blush pink 145 degrees F, YouTube creators add credibility to that instruction. They also help amplify the message to consumers NPB might not otherwise reach.

NPB’s first FameBit campaign deployed YouTube creators discussing grilling pork whole muscle cuts to the correct endpoint cooking temperature using Weber iGrill2 thermometers. Eleven creators across the categories of food, family and fitness posted videos on their channels about properly grilling pork. The campaign collected 1.7 million views, which exceeded goals by 37%. Of those views, 1.4 million were unique, meaning the videos reached a wide range of consumers. The videos also collected nearly 60,000 engagements, which proved positive with a 46:1 like to dislike ratio. In total, 8.92 million minutes were watched, which is the equivalent of nearly 44,000 full college football games.

The campaign’s top creator was YouTube sensation Binging with Babish. His video alone collected over a million views. You can watch the full “Grilling with YouTube Creators” playlist here.

These campaigns are an extension to a $3 million partnership NPB has with Google for 2018. NPB is planning more campaigns with FameBit for the remainder of 2018, so stay tuned for more sponsored creator content on the National Pork Board’s YouTube Channel.