Now is the perfect time to put pork front and center in the meat case to give it a prime spot on the grill. The introduction of simplified pork cut names and proposed label changes by the National Pork Board and other industry partners aligns beautifully with grilling season and presents exciting opportunities to increase fresh pork sales.

Take the first step toward a profitable grilling season by implementing the new naming program, and use these merchandising tips to inspire your customers to throw pork on the grill more often:

Put Pork on the Grilling Radar
Let consumers know that pork is as comfortable on the grill as their favorite steak with new naming POS materials that reinforce the grilling message. Order NEW Grilling POS!

Capitalize on Consumer-Friendly Beef Names
Some of pork’s new names are similar to beef names. You can merchandise these recognizable cuts like beef to generate sales and promote value, since consumers already know how to cook them. Customers are also willing to pay more for higher-quality cuts like Porterhouse and ribeye, so you can charge more to secure better margins.

Play up Attractive Pricing
Stable pork prices, compared to rising beef and chicken prices, will help make pork one of the best buys in the meat case this year. Create signage that highlights pork’s appealing price to budget-conscious consumers: “Fire up the grill with pork for a great eating experience at a lower cost!”

Spread the Word about the Newly-Named Cuts

Get meat staff up to speed and inform consumers about the name changes with the new “Fabulous 14” chart of pork’s most popular cuts. Download the cut chart.

Offer Great Eating at 145°F

Continue to promote pork’s revised cooking temperature to ensure your customers have a great eating experience. Pork cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F, followed by a 3-minute rest, is medium-rare and juicy, with a pink blush at the center.

Shake It On!

You don’t need fancy sauces and marinades to give consumers great pork preparation ideas. Merchandise seasoning blends and steak rubs with pork to make grilling effortless.

Get on board with the naming program now to reap the full benefits of new names and updated labels during grilling season!