Leftover ham: chop it, slice it, dice it or roll it into a week’s worth of meals. These recipes are quick and delicious—you’ll be a leftovers hero.

First, learn how to cook spiral ham. Next, choose one of our leftover ham recipes.

Whether you roasted, grilled or slow-cooked your ham, there are many ways you can keep enjoying its goodness. Don’t just settle for a basic ham and cheese sandwich—turn it into one of our flavorful leftover ham recipes.

You’re not limited to slices. As an ingredient, leftover ham can be chopped up for casseroles, sliced and topped with salad or pizza, diced for breakfast burritos or added to vegetables for a savory side dish. All it takes is a little inspiration to turn your leftover ham into a delicious meal.

Make These Leftover Ham Recipes

Fiesta Ham Quesadilla

Hot pepper jelly turns this quesadilla up a notch in a stitch. A few ingredients and a few minutes get leftover ham on lunch plates with little effort so you can get back to your holiday recovery.

Cran Slam Ham Sandwich

Ham sandwiches are a typical leftover ham recipe solution, and for good reason—they’re tasty, easy and filling. This year, dress yours up with some festive flavors.

Harvest Ham Sandwich

Another spin on the classic ham sandwich, this leftover ham recipe gives you sweet and savory in every delicious bite.

Luau Ham Rolls

Choose your own adventure with this sweet leftover ham sandwich. Add your favorite bbq sauce to make it tangy, smoky, spicy, or something in between.