Hispanics Are The Key to Pork’s Future

When we created our Dinner at Home in America report, we took the unprecedented approach of focusing on dinner occasions rather than consumer segments. We chose this approach because we wanted to understand the myriad of decisions and factors that go into dinnertime.

Through this approach, however, we have seen certain demographics that require a more detailed and deeper understanding. And so, as we explore different areas of the Dinner at Home in America report each week, we want to take a moment to look more in depth at one of the most important demographics for the pork industry: Hispanics.

Over the last two decades, no racial, cultural or ethnic group has had a greater impact on the demographics of the United States than Hispanics. There are about 59 million Latinos in the United States today — 18 percent of the total U.S. population, its largest multicultural segment.(1)

Latinos present the greatest opportunity — and if overlooked, the greatest risk — to the pork industry. Because of the importance of this group, we will explore the Hispanic segment throughout 2019, culminating with an in-depth report this fall. Before then, we want to provide a first look with a new brief we’ve created, “Hispanics: Pork’s Greatest Opportunity.”  Available for download on our website, the brief examines:

  • The purchasing power of Latinos in the U.S.
  • Hispanics’ affinity for pork, and how it changes as acculturation levels change
  • Hispanics’ health perceptions of pork

Hispanics have a high affinity for pork, especially unacculturated Hispanics (those rooted or anchored in Hispanic culture). But as Hispanics integrate more of the U.S. lifestyle and culture into their life, their pork consumption decreases. In other words, the industry loses its most loyal customers, and loses what could become the most powerful consumer segment in America.
We provide some thoughts starters for better capturing this market within the brief, such as packaging innovations, increasing cut offerings and messaging and marketing opportunities. To learn more about the importance of the Hispanic market, download the brief now!
(1) Census Quickbooks Population Estimates July 2018, NBCU Study

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Angie Krieger

Angie Krieger

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