2019 was an incredibly exciting year for us at the National Pork Board. In January, we launched one of the most in-depth projects we’ve ever done – our Insight to Action initiative. The program was a first-ever research approach for our industry, combining 10,000 consumer interviews with demographic and spending data to provide a comprehensive view of how Americans shop and eat.

The research provided a detailed look at consumers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors when it comes to in-home dinner occasions and dining-out habits, and provided an in-depth analysis of arguably the most important consumers for the pork industry for the next several decades – Latinos. A series of reports and a weekly e-newsletter dove deeper into these topics throughout the year, with specific steps retailers, packers and foodservice operators can adopt to respond to ever-changing consumer preferences.

As we look back at the past year, we’ve seen a few common themes emerge. We’ve included a quick summary below, but to learn more, download our Year in Review recap.

Whether in home or dining out, Americans of all demographics care about health. And they tend to have some pretty big misconceptions about pork’s nutritional profile. Consumers are seeking lean protein, both at home and dining out, and we have an opportunity to elevate pork as a flavorful, healthful choice.

Simplicity & Convenience
In our busy society, people need quick and easy options, and more often they’re eating on the go. Consumers and food service professionals want easier, versatile pork options, but they also want fresh cuts. Smaller portions and different cuts are key, as are pre-cooked options.

Multicultural is Mainstream
As minority populations grow, food trends are changing – all of which can be great news for pork if we think authentically and focus on accessibility. Plus, multicultural dishes appeal to people of all backgrounds, so it’s time we bring more of these flavorful dishes into the spotlight.

As we look toward 2020, we will be challenging the industry to build on the momentum we’ve established and stay ahead of consumer trends. Next year, watch for updates on consumer behaviors and preferences around sustainability and pork, at-home and dining-out habits among key demographics, and different multicultural consumers and shopper insights.

The success of Insight to Action hinges not just on the valuable data and research we’ve provided in 2019, but the action the industry is taking as a result – and we’re here to help! If there are challenges you’re facing, questions you need answered or topics you’d like to see addressed, please let us know how we can help. We’re in this together. From insight to action, from research to proof of concept, from pilot to product launch, we’re here to help create a successful future.

Happy Holidays! See you next year!

Angie Krieger

Angie Krieger

Assistant Vice President, Channel Outreach

National Pork Board Cell: 319-594-4000 akrieger@pork.org