As consumers look more closely at their food labels, they increasingly search for claims around animal welfare. Our Insight to Action research found 21% of meat buyers say “Certified Humane” is important and something they’re willing to pay more for, and 36% say they worry about how animals for food are raised.   

Likewise, our research found that consumers continue to have food safety concerns about pork, and their concerns often involve how pork is raised and fed, and their cleanliness. Our research found that 25% of consumer’s think a lot about how pigs are raised, 26% think a lot about what pigs are fed and 27% think a lot about the cleanliness of pigs. 

In many consumers’ minds, animal welfare and animal safety go hand in hand. That’s why it’s so important for packers and retailers to promote pork’s commitments to animal welfare and food safety. 

The pork industry has a long history of promoting animal welfare, and through our We Care® program, pig farmers commit to providing an environment that promotes well-being, proper care and housing for each stage of life, and treatment for animals who fall ill. On-farm audits reveal 99% of Pork Quality Assurance® Plus-certified sites comply with animal welfare best practices, which includes a set of evolving guidelines that enables the industry to exceed the highest levels of animal care and food safety. 

We have an opportunity to build greater trust and loyalty by messaging these achievements, especially as more people seek meat that is ethically raised.   

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Angie Krieger

Angie Krieger

Assistant Vice President, Channel Outreach

National Pork Board Cell: 319-594-4000