By Claire Masker

Cowboy Troy’s Porkchop video has been viewed more than a million times on social media.

Nothing gets your toes tapping better than a song about food. You may have had your Cheeseburger in Paradise, with American Pie for dessert and washed it down with a Piña Colada, but the pork chop has been missing. Until now. Recording artist Cowboy Troy recently introduced a new song titled Porkchop. The American country rapper is a “Hick Hop” innovator and songwriter who currently travels with country superstars Big & Rich. After learning about the new tune, the Pork Checkoff teamed with Troy to promote pork chops on digital and social media for National October Pork Month, which is celebrated each year.

Porkchop as a song started out as a comedy bit,” Troy said. “A friend of mine and his family went out for dinner. My buddy ordered a pork chop. He just started singing ‘gimme that pork chop, pork chop, pork chop, pork chop…’ When he told me and another song-writing partner about it, the lyrics came together quickly. It was just funny.”

Over a Million Views

A video for the song done with the Pork Checkoff was a social media success, garnering more than 1 million views on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram during October. The video release included a coupon for $2 off a package of pork chops, with 2,000 coupons distributed in under five days. “This song is really a gift to our industry,” said National Pork Board president Terry O’Neel, Friend, Nebraska. “It is fun and captures the love that so many Americans have for this cut of pork.” That includes Troy, who shows his love for pork in his “Hick Hop” kitchen. His favorite cut is the ribeye pork chop, and he looks for chops with great marbling. Perhaps that is because no better word rhymes with “tender” than “render,” which is part of the song lyrics. He often posts his food creations on Instagram with #HickHopKitchen.

Pork chops are perfect for grilling and entertaining, says Cowboy Troy, whose new song applauds the cut in a fun way.

Song on Troy’s New Album

Porkchop, which also features the musical talents of Monro Brown, was released earlier this year and will be included on Troy’s spring 2018 album, Laugh With Me. Troy previously released six studio albums, landing twice on the Billboard country singles charts. “I call my music Hick Hop music,” Troy said. “It’s really a mixture of rap, country and rock guitars splashed in. It is really loud, rowdy, party music – just perfect for grilling and entertaining.” That is, as long as you have pork to go with it. To hear the Porkchop song, visit the Pork. Be inspired® social media channels.