Goals for the ‘Taste of Now’ promotion

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The ‘Taste of Now’ is a new Pork Checkoff promotion. National Pork Board President Jan Archer explains the goals of this new effort in this edition of Pork Pod


Don Wick


Jan Archer, President , National Pork Board




Don Wick:  00:04  From the Pork Checkoff in Des Moines Iowa, it’s Pork Pod.  Pork Pod, a look at the hot topics in today’s pork industry. The Pork Checkoff is working for you through various forms of research, promotion, and consumer information projects. This is Don Wick speaking on behalf of the Pork Checkoff, and today, our guest is Jan Archer, President of the National Pork Board. A new promotional effort is underway here in the first quarter from the National Pork Board.   Jan brings us up to date.


Jan Archer:  00:27  Sure.  The “Taste of Now” marketing campaign is really geared toward some of the ethnic markets that we see.  We know well that pork is the number one consumed meat in the world, which means that it lends itself so well to some of the ethnic flavors that are really trending right now. And pork is really trendy and those flavors are certainly on trend. So when we look at flavors coming with Asian influence or Latin American influence or Caribbean influence, those flavors tend to lend themselves really well to pork.  And that makes pork just so on trend and so current and that’s where that Taste of Now campaign is coming from.


Don Wick:  01:10  So how are we reaching out to the ethnic market here?


Jan Archer:  01:15  Well we have a new spokesperson, Carlos Ponce, who is a Hispanic actor and a TV personality, and also five times James Beard Award nominee, Jose Mendez, is also coming and they’re starring in a multimedia series featuring the loin, the ham, the ribs, and the tenderloin. And they’re going to have great recipes that are easy to prepare, budget friendly, and really featuring those flavors that are so now in our Taste of Now.  We’re also having a pork “Taste of Now” pork sweepstakes. So from now through April 15th, all U.S. consumers can be rewarded for something that they’re doing anyway, which is enjoying pork. So all they have to do is take a photo of the pork on their fork, no matter what it is, in a restaurant, in their home, post it to social media and everyone who enters will have a chance to win a $10 coupon that’s good for that purchase of fresh pork and other prizes.  And I think what I heard is those prizes add up to over $10,000. So there are some real opportunities there and that’s a double win.   Not only do you have a chance to win some money, but you eat some great food and some great pork. So it’s a win-win.


Don Wick:  02:34  So talk to me on the domestic market. Obviously, we’re moving through a large supply. What kind of success do you think we’re seeing domestically?


Jan Archer:  02:45  You know, surprisingly, we’re seeing some great success! And I say surprising because we were a little worried when we saw the amount of pork that was coming on to the market.  But we’ve actually had some great increases both internationally and domestically in the pork that’s being consumed. And while we saw a lot of pork coming to market, we didn’t see prices crash. And despite those prices staying pretty consistent, people have really been increasing their pork consumption and a lot of that is just due to people being familiar with the product. People doing a better job cooking it. We’re not overcooking it the way we used to. People are more comfortable cooking pork to 145 degrees with a three to five minute rest and that just is always going to give you a better eating experience!  So we are really encouraged!


Don Wick:  03:35  Thanks to you for listening to this edition of Pork Pod. For more information on this topic or the Pork Checkoff itself, visit pork.org.