Goal 3: Grow Consumer Demand

Working in concert with food chain partners, the National Pork Board will grow domestic and international demand by focusing on pork’s improved nutrition, quality and sustainability.

U.S. Pork Exports Show Impressive Progress

volume value arrowsU.S. pork exports were up 8 percent in volume and 7 percent in value in 2016, rebounding from a very tough year in 2015.

While gaining strength in 2016, exports still remain below record levels due to increased global competition and a stronger U.S. dollar. Market development and promotion activities remain crucial in expanding the role of U.S. pork around the world. In conjunction with the U.S. Meat Export Federation, the Checkoff has increased funding of in-country market development and promotions in both developed and emerging markets.

Advertising by the Numbers

Video (Cable TV, Online Video)

  • 558 million ad impressions
  • 28 TV/video networks
  • 17 weeks in market


  • 491 million ad impressions
  • 10 weeks in market

Online Advertising (display, social, search)

  • 353 million ad impressions
  • 1.2 million ad clicks
  • 36,720 Instagram likes
  • 3,808 Facebook likes
  • 689 Pinterest likes


  • 135 million ad impressions
  • 34 ad insertions
  • 12 total publications

Outreach To Registered Dietitians Makes A Difference

roasted pork tenderloin with asian dry rubEvery day, dietitians face more questions about the farm-to-table process. That is why the Checkoff provides multiple opportunities for key dietitians to learn about pork production and the benefits of pork in a healthy diet. The Checkoff produced two new health education kits about pork and distributed them to 10,000 dietitians and their clients.

The Checkoff also held a webinar for registered dietitians about the responsible use of antibiotics on the farm. This past year, 10 high-profile registered dietitians took part in a behind-the-scenes look at life on a pig farm and received a hands-on learning opportunity to get in the kitchen and cook with pork.
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Engaging Pork-Passionate Consumers

Consumer public relations efforts focused on reaching and engaging pork-passionate “Creative Cooks” to inspire them to include more pork on their shopping lists and plates. Influencers, including celebrities, dietitians, bloggers and video-savvy social stars, offered their talents and tasty, trending recipes. Even the hottest guy at the barbecue – the Grill – played a major role in sharing pork’s story of flavor, versatility and value. The Checkoff’s outreach to top food media amplified pork’s messages, building credibility in making pork a part of delicious moments throughout the year. Consumer impressions in 2016 totaled more than 354 million.

Focusing on Foodservice

The Pork Checkoff’s foodservice team works with high-volume foodservice operators in a consultative role to present a clear message about the opportunities that pork presents. The team works with restaurant chains, distributors and colleges and universities. Menu ideation successes include CKE restaurants’ (Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.) new promotion of Pork Chop ‘N Gravy Biscuits. Also, Michigan State University showcased a new Cuban sandwich in conjunction with National Sandwich Day.
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Multicultural Marketing

In 2016, the National Pork Board defined a plan to tap into the purchasing power of multicultural consumers. The Checkoff supported marketing initiatives aimed at promoting pork awareness and consumption, addressing health and safety concerns, and demonstrating how pork is culturally relevant. Two national marketing campaigns in 2016, called ¡Prende el Sabor! (Grill For It), and ¡Sabrosos Momentos! (Make it a Moment), delivered key messages to Latino consumers and encouraged consumption of pork with the help of Mexican actress, comedian and singer Angelica Vale. In total, the Pork Checkoff secured nearly 1,100 wire and earned-media placements and about 101.5 million impressions.

Retail Partnerships Drive Pork Promotion

In 2016, the Retail Marketing team continued its goal to partner with retailers to promote and sell pork, as well as to be the first resource for pork industry issues. Retail marketing programs, which focus on retailers that account for 80 percent of the pork sold in the U.S., resulted in more than 64 million pounds and $167 million in incremental sales. Through program efficiencies, the cost of promotional programs was only $0.04 per incremental pound. In addition, the Retail Marketing team participated in multiple training events, including food shows, train-the-trainer events, and a retail-focused farm tour.