By Mike King

As the steady drumbeat of African swine fever (ASF) reports continues, the Pork Checkoff has ramped up its efforts to collaborate and to prepare for all possibilities if the costly disease reaches American pig farms.

“A foreign animal disease (FAD), such as ASF, poses dire threats, which is why we have plans and programs in place,” said Dave Pyburn, DVM, senior vice president of science and technology for the Checkoff.

“We are collaborating with all of our industry partners and the USDA to ensure that actions taken before, during and after a potential FAD outbreak are relevant and workable for today’s dynamic pork industry,” Pyburn said.

The key is for producers, veterinarians and other industry stakeholders to make the right decisions and take action, he said.

For the Checkoff, disseminating information is a central mission. Key communications related to FAD preparedness can be found via these methods:

Visit to reach the Pork Checkoff’s central FAD info hub.

Subscribe to the Checkoff’s African Swine Fever Preparation Bulletin by calling (800) 456-6564 or by emailing

Learn more about the Secure Pork Supply plan at The plan offers a business continuity plan for producers facing a FAD.

Make sure that your farm has a premises ID number (PIN) by going to More than 90 percent of pig production sites have them, but 100 percent participation is needed.