Pork Profit Maximizer – Retail Edition

April 29, 2019

Feed cost inflation has been extremely limited in the last three years, helping bolster livestock producer margins and one of the key factors behind the surge in US meat protein production. It is still too early to focus on planting progress despite speculation of excessive moisture in some areas and planting delays. Advances in farming equipment have narrowed the window necessary to get the crop in the ground. For the week ending April 21 USDA noted that only 6% of the corn crop had been planted, about the same pace of progress as a year ago. In the last five years, by the third week of April an average of 12% of the corn crop had been planted. This may appear like a big difference but it is not, especially at this time of year. Last year corn farmers at the end of April had planted only about 17% of the corn crop.