Engaging Latino Consumers: It’s About
Accessibility, Authenticity & Health

In our new report, Time to Tango: Latinos are Pork’s Future, we explore Hispanic shoppers and their various behaviors, needs and preferences. Three key themes emerged from our research that can help retailers and packers more thoughtfully engage with this demographic: accessibility, authenticity and health. To capture more loyalty from Latino consumers, you need to understand these key themes.

For family gatherings, Hispanics tend to prepare traditional recipes that can feed a big crowd. Larger pork cuts and even whole pigs aren’t typically available at mainstream grocery stores, which is why 44% of Latinos turn to specialty stores or Hispanic butchers for their fresh meat purchases.

Why is this important?
The in-store experience can make all the difference in attracting Hispanic shoppers. They’re going to specialty stores for a wider variety of pork cuts, as well as the ability to engage – in Spanish – with trusted experts. These two features can be made available at any grocery store.

Recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation are at the center of Hispanic culture. The right ingredients, including pork cuts, aren’t always available at mainstream grocery stores. That forces many Hispanics to substitute proteins.

Why is this important?
Hispanics want to stay connected to their culture, and want their children to do so as well. Knowing Hispanic populations vary be region, state and even neighborhood, grocery stores can better serve their local communities by understanding their shoppers’ country of origin and the pork cuts used in common recipes.

Unfortunately, many Hispanics have the all-too-common viewpoint that pork isn’t healthy. Despite it being so crucial in authentic recipes, only 9% of Hispanics agree that pork is a quick, healthy meal, and just 8% view pork as a healthy family favorite.

Why is this important?
Combating these misconceptions is vital to ensuring Hispanics continue purchasing pork. Nutrition, food safety, sustainability and animal welfare are concerns of Hispanics, all of which need to be addressed on packaging and on in-store signage. The pork industry’s We Care program provides tools and resources to help communicate these messages with consumers.













We’ll be discussing each of these three pillars of our report – as well as actionable steps for retailers and packers to take – in the coming weeks. The first critical step is to understand them and begin thinking about how to make your business more inclusive for Hispanic shoppers.

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Angie Krieger

Angie Krieger

Assistant Vice President, Channel Outreach

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