Engage Customers Before They Leave Home

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One of the most powerful tools you have to connect with fresh pork customers isn’t even in your store – it’s your website. A recent survey conducted by the National Pork Board states consumers are regularly using retailer websites to help them save money, plan their shopping trips and make purchase decisions at the meat case.

The study, conducted in March 2012, surveyed 1,000 Primary Shoppers who were also Frequent Users of Grocery Retailer Websites to understand which aspects of retailer websites are most important to them. The purpose of the study was to help retailers better understand opportunities available via their websites and build more meaningful content about fresh meat on their websites. Pork Champions (see sidebar for definition) accounted for 37% of the 1,000 Primary Shoppers.

Highlighted findings:

  • 70% of respondents indicated they visit a grocery retailer website at least once a week.Seize this opportunity to reach your customers while they are planning their shopping trip. Make your website as helpful as possible to ensure it adds value to the in-store shopping experience. What information about fresh pork, such as recipes, prep tips and specials, can you feature on your website that will resonate with your customers when making a decision at your meat case?
  • Consumers are visiting grocery retailer websites to find deals, specials and coupons.Give ‘em what they want: use your website to promote your featured items and meat case specials. Consumers continue to search for bargains in the current economic climate. Website content that is relevant, adds value beyond money savings and feels exclusive is most appealing to consumers. Think of ways to help consumers learn something (Make a new recipe!) or move out of their comfort zone (Try pork spareribs tonight!) in order to create a positive experience that is not driven by dollars alone. 
  • Shoppers are looking for cooking/prep methods for individual cuts, recipes, and general information on a variety of cuts.Use your website to educate consumers about fresh pork, especially since many of them are researching information prior to their shopping trip. Include easy recipes, cooking methods and preparation tips. If your customers know how to prepare a cut in advance, they are more likely to confidently purchase it from your meat case.
  • Over 60% of respondents said they sometimes or always use mobile apps prior to going grocery shopping, however only 20% are using retailer-based apps. This means the majority are using 3rd party apps, even though just over 40% said that if their favorite retailer were to offer an app they would be interested in it.
Shoppers use apps to help them make lists, find recipes, compare prices and just be more informed about their purchasing decisions. Help them shop more efficiently by integrating your store information (sales, layouts, assortment, etc.) with their needs (lists, recipes, discounts, etc.)
  • Only one-quarter of respondents state they are visiting the fresh meat section of their grocery retailer’s website without prompting; 44% state they are visiting the fresh meat section of their grocery retailer’s website after they are prompted, with 87% of them visiting the fresh meat section more than once per month.A majority of shoppers that visit the fresh meat section of retailer websites do so on a regular basis. Connecting with your customers via engaging and informative content on your fresh meat web pages can be an effective marketing tool, along with in-store POS or your weekly circular, in promoting fresh pork cuts.   

This study offers valuable insight into ways that consumers are using retailer websites and mobile applications to help improve their shopping experience. Use these findings to leverage online media to build customer loyalty and increase fresh pork sales.

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