How did we approach the research?

We surveyed over 1110 U.S consumers and conducted six focus groups in key geographic areas.  Additionally, the survey screened for consumers who meet the following criteria:

  • Shop for and prepare meals for their households at least half of the time
  • Do NOT avoid pork, beef or poultry
  • Purchase fresh pork for at-home consumption at least twice a month
  • Purchase a ham more often than NEVER

The length of the survey was approximately 15 minutes and it was fielded with a demographically and geographically balanced panel of U.S. consumers who meet the above screening criteria. The survey included the following topics:

  • Purchase frequency for pork, beef, chicken and lamb products
  • Frequency of at-home consumption for fresh and processed pork products
  • Attitudes about ham
  • Frequency of ham consumption
  • Meal occasions for ham
  • Ham cooking methods


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