In the recent Cornell University return on investment study, it’s clear that the Pork Checkoff brings value to the table for America’s pig farmers on many fronts.

This is especially true for research overseen by the Checkoff’s producer-led science and technology committees and affiliated staff. The study showed a return of $83.30 to producers for every dollar invested in swine research aimed at improving on-farm practices.

“The results underscore the importance of funding research that has a positive effect on the pork industry,” said Dave Pyburn, senior vice president of science and technology for the Checkoff.

“America’s pork producers deserve a maximum return on their investment,” Pyburn said. “We’re pleased to focus our efforts on finding real-world solutions using a science-based approach.”

Among the many noteworthy accomplishments in 2017 for Checkoff’s science and technology area, several stand out. These include:

  • Developing and refining antibiotic stewardship and on-farm solutions
  • Making an additional investment in sow productivity research
  • Moving ahead on foreign animal disease preparedness tools
  • Making progress on sustainability tools and historical benchmarks
  • Hosting farm tours for scientific influencers
  • Hosting the inaugural Pig Welfare Symposium
  • Leading industry-wide efforts in pork safety and quality

Pyburn added, “We’re committed to even more collaboration in 2018 and ensuring that we’re delivering usable and relevant information to the entire pork chain.”