by Mike King

chart 62 science-related projectsThe Pork Checkoff’s producer-led Science and Technology Department committees continue to create value by focusing on research projects that help address pork industry issues. This held true in 2016 in several key areas, including substantial progress on the National Pork Board’s goal of reducing PRRS’ impact and in allocating record funds for antibiotic-related research and solutions.

“Pork production is a science-based business, and producers deserve to get the maximum return on their investment,” said Dave Pyburn, senior vice president of science and technology for the Checkoff.

He added, “Thanks to innovative collaboration and lots of hard work and strategic leadership, the Pork Checkoff continues to deliver positive results for people, pigs and the planet through funded research.”

Bar graph $669,000 in Checkoff funds were allocated in 2016 for antibiotics research
pie chart $4.7-million Checkoff funds allocated in 2016 for 62 projects
$516,000 is the amount saved by Checkoff in cost-share program
chart showing goal of Strategic Industry Goal by 2020: reduce PRRS’ impact by 20% is already two-thirds achieved