Revising Pork Grading Standards

Recently, the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) notified the National Pork Board that it was in the process of making proposed revisions to its over 30-year-old voluntary pork grading standards. This move, if approved after a public comment period, could provide restaurateurs and retailers with the option of using a new voluntary tool to help […]

Volume 56: Now on Menus

Delicious, versatile, popular, profitable – pork loin has it all. It’s the perfect choice for creative chefs looking to deliver more flavor across the menu. From Yucatán-style barbeque pork tenderloin to prosciutto and fontina-stuffed chops to tangy barbecue pit-smoked spareribs, see who’s showcasing the loin as a premium menu option. Copeland’s of New Orleans is […]

Pork Crawl 2017, New York City

Section 1 Pork Crawl 2017 took a group of trade editors on a culinary journey across New York City on Wednesday, November 8. Our chef host, Matt Abdoo of NYC’s Pig Bleecker and Pig Beach, was joined by Chef Adam Sappington of The Country Cat in Portland, OR, and Chef José Mendín of Pubbelly Noodle […]

Smoke Signals

From classic barbecue pits to refined dishes at upscale restaurants, smoke is more than a cooking method – and Chef Matt Abdoo showcases it all across his menus.

Revising Pork Grade Standards

High-quality pork offers better flavor, texture and value for operators and consumers. That’s why the National Pork Board is excited about the USDA revising pork grade standards to reflect new goals in tenderness, marbling and color.

Volume 55: Now on Menus

Creative chefs and savvy operators are pushing flavor boundaries with pork, showcasing its amazing taste and versatility in dishes that deliver across the menu.

UNCUT with Matt Abdoo

Watch Chef Abdoo brine, rub, smoke and stack pork leg pastrami into crispy, melty layers of flavor.

Pork Book from NAMI

Everything pork, all in one place. The Pork Book, new from the North American Meat Institute and Urner Barry in cooperation with the Pork Checkoff, reviews the fundamentals of the pork trade from farm to table. Praised by seasoned industry vets and foodservice newcomers, the book offers comprehensive, easy-to-read infographics and charts across a variety […]

Volume 54: Now on Menus

Pork is a versatile back-of-house favorite, a menu must-have for popular restaurants, and a top performer across day parts. From a grilled pork chop stuffed with fresh spinach and feta to Korean pulled pork wontons to smoky pork belly sandwiches, read our menu innovation report to see who’s delivering what patrons want. Cracker Barrel is […]