2018 Animal Science Annual Report

The Animal Science Committee continues to be committed to the wise investment of Checkoff funds in research that is critical to maintaining our position as the most efficient producer of low-cost, high-quality pork in the world. In this regard, the committee is dedicated to finding answers to issues that affect productivity and profitability; primarily driven […]

2018 Special Call

Air Emission Study DEADLINE: Thursday, October 18, 2018 – 5:00 pm CST The Pork Checkoff Sustainability Committee solicits proposals in the following area. There is no funding limit for submitted proposals but the budget request should be appropriate and justified for the work proposed. Researchers are encouraged to find matching funds or in-kind contributions to […]

2019 General Call

DEADLINE: Tuesday, October 16, 2018- 5:00 pm CST The National Pork Board is soliciting research proposals dealing with these categories: ANIMAL SCIENCE – ANIMAL SCIENCE ANIMAL SCIENCE – Swine Nutrition ANIMAL WELFARE PORK SAFETY – Post-Harvest PORK SAFETY – Pre-Harvest SUSTAINABILITY – Air SWINE HEALTH – Foreign Animal Disease SWINE HEALTH – General Swine Disease […]

2018 Pork Industry Productivity Analysis

The National Pork Board’s Animal Science Committee initiated the Industry Productivity Analysis to make data publicly available for producers to use when benchmarking productivity in various phases of production. The information is intended to benefit all producers through improved farm productivity. Comparison of the data contained in this report with data collected on participating producers’ […]

2017 Animal Science Annual Report

This year has certainly been an interesting year to be in the business of producing pork. Even though the number of pigs and pounds of pork produced in 2017 were record highs for the U.S., expansion continued because margins were good. While there are many reasons for this, the bottom line is that we are the global leaders in producing safe, wholesome pork and we do it more efficiently than any other country.  The work that we do on the Animal Science Committee continues to focus on making improvements in production efficiency.

2016 Animal Science Annual Report

The Animal Science Committee continues to conduct meaningful research in the areas of swine nutrition, reproduction, genetics and management. Research is evaluated based on industry impact, application and reach, and must have no overlap with research being supported by other funding agencies. In addition to continuing work in nutritional efficiency, mitigation of the impact of […]

Alternatives to Growth-promoting Antibiotics

The Checkoff’s animal science committee recognizes many producers are seeking alternatives to maintaining pig performance following removal of growth-promoting antibiotics. While there are many commercially available products purported to enhance growth, many of these products lack consistency in demonstrating beneficial results. This spreadsheet is the result of project #15-204 that was completed by Nick Gabler […]

2017 Pork Industry Productivity Analysis

Continuing into its fifth consecutive year, the Pork Industry Productivity Analysis has displayed the trends among the most common production variables in the swine industry over the previous years. What has been shown is that there is variation in the improvement for each key performance indicator trait. Additionally, seasonality has become more apparent for several traits. […]

2018 General Call

Request for Proposals, General Call 2018
DEADLINE: Tuesday, November 14th– 5:00 pm CST
Proposal selection will occur in February 2018.
Notification of grant awards will be done by April 2018.
Project funding will begin May 1, 2018.
Requests for second-year funding must be resubmitted.

Request for Proposal – Letter of Intent

The Pork Safety, Quality and Human Nutrition Committee is requesting pre-proposals in the three areas of HUMAN NUTRITION Research listed below. The proposal process uses an initial Letter Of Intent (LOI). The LOI must be submitted by September 12, 2017 to be considered. Projects that are selected from the LOIs will be invited to submit […]