Latest Export Numbers, May 2018

In this edition of Pork Pod, National Pork Board vice president of international marketing Craig Morris reviews the latest export data and highlights the challenges ahead. Records are being broken.

Foreign Animal Disease Response-Part II

What would happen if you couldn’t move pigs for a week or two? A foreign animal disease could impact pig movement. National Pork Board director of animal health programs Patrick Webb has details on the Secure Pork Supply in this edition of PorkPod.

Foreign Animal Disease Response-Part I

A working group is working on response preparedness for foreign animal disease. National Pork Board spokesperson Cindy Cunningham outlines the this cooperative effort between the Pork Checkoff, the North American Meat Institute, the U.S. Meat Export Federation and the National Pork Producers Council.

Pig Survivability

A request for research proposals has been issued, with a focus on pig survivability. Pork Checkoff director of animal science Chris Hostetler offers thoughts on this important issue for pig farmers and the research grants

Emma Lasco: Pig Farmer of Tomorrow

Emma Lascoe of Roscoe, Iowa is one of three U.S. Pig Farmers of Tomorrow. Lascoe has a unique background and tells her story in this edition of Pork Pod

Hogs & Pigs Report, March 2018

The USDA released its quarterly hogs and pigs report on March 29. The Pork Checkoff hosted a teleconference for the media featuring market analysts to review the report. The analysts include Steve Meyer of Kerns and Associates, Dan Bluntzer of New Frontier Capital Markets, Kevin Bost of Procurement Strategies and John Nalivka of Sterling Marketing.

The Legendary Ham

National Pork Board director of market intelligence Patrick Fleming joins us for this edition of Pork Pod. Ham is at the center of the holiday table, but is also popular throughout the year. Don’t miss the interesting statistics in this update

Pig Farmer of Tomorrow: Christine Snowden

Christine Snowden is an Ohio native who is now working in Iowa. Her passion for the pork industry is obvious. Learn more about her and her involvement in the year ahead as one of the 2018 Pig Farmers of the Year.

Pig Farmer of Tomorrow: Krause

Adam Krause of South Dakota is one of three individuals honored as the 2018 Pig Farmer of Tomorrow during the National Pork Industry Forum in Kansas City. In this edition of Pork Pod, learn more about Adam’s involvement in the industry and his plans for the year ahead.