Rubber Mats and Other Sow Lameness Considerations

With lameness as one of the top reasons for culling sows, the topic was the focus of several presenters. Magnus Campler, of The Ohio State University, shared with those in the audience that more research is needed.

Consumers Continue to Influence Pig Welfare

A consumer panel facilitated by Jan Johnson of Millen- nium Research, Inc., provided consumer insights on animal care and other factors that impact food choices. A theme quickly became apparent: Convenience.

Pig Welfare Symposium Offers Opportunity to Continue to Elevate Pig Care

More than 260 producers, veterinarians, packers, processors, academics and other pork industry partners attended the Pork Checkoff’s inaugural
Pig Welfare Symposium last November in Des Moines, Iowa, with a common goal: To continue raising the bar on the care of pigs. The agenda focused on general welfare concepts and how they can be applied at the farm level.

The Power of Continual Learning

As pig farmers, we have an ethical obligation to provide care for the animals entrusted to us. With this obligation comes a commitment to continual learning. As the hog industry continues to evolve, our practices, research and conversations need to evolve as well.

The Right Thing to Do

by Valerie Duttlinger As a pork producer I can relate to the challenges that occur on farms every day, as well as the satisfaction of raising healthy hogs that supply nutritious pork for a growing world population. I also am an analyst for Swine Management Services (SMS) in Fremont, Nebraska. There I review swine production […]

Factors to Consider, Actions to Take

A familiar pattern is materializing, which is another reason why pig survivability is a renewed priority. From the late 1990s to early 2000s, the industry was expanding and sow mortality started moving higher. Replacement-gilt demand was high and supplies were tight – similar to today. This was followed by a period of rising mortality and […]

Step Up Your Record-keeping

“What isn’t measured or measured accurately is hard to change,” said Valerie Duttlinger, an Indiana producer, analyst for Swine Management Services (SMS) and member of the Pig Survivability Working Group. “Until farms are committed to identifying why a pig was removed, it will be hard to make improvements.” Improved data accuracy for pig removals doesn’t […]

Look Beyond Averages to Find Answers

While pork production records help flag trends, the numbers don’t tell you why the trend occurred or identify a solution. A case in point is the Pork Checkoff’s U.S. Pork Industry Productivity Analysis, 2011-2016. The findings show that mortality rates across all production stages increased during that time. Yes, the 2013 PEDV flare-up contributed to […]

Moving the Needle on Pig Survivability

Pork producers pride themselves on productivity, and over the years, their efforts to improve it have paid dividends. Pig farmers send more hogs to market faster and at heavier weights than ever before resulting in more pounds of pork per sow per year. From 2003 to 2013, pigs per litter increased an average of 1.4 […]

Pork Checkoff Report Newsletter – November 2017

Inside: How to improve pig survivability on your farm. This special-topic newsletter is sent periodically to you by the Pork Checkoff. Editor: Jan Jorgensen, • Contributing Editors: Mike King and Marlys Miller • Art Director: Chris Oldt