Subway®, Retail Promotions Help Move Pork

By Jason Menke A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into pork promotion. In many cases, the Pork Checkoff’s channel marketing team spends months working with restaurants and grocery chains before diners and shoppers see a new menu item or offering at the meat counter. Recently, the Checkoff helped develop two promotions now in full swing. […]

Getting Your Money’s Worth

How the Pork Checkoff pays off By Darcy Maulsby Money reveals truths. That’s true in farming, and it’s also true at the Pork Checkoff. During challenging financial times, it’s more valuable than ever to reassess how Pork Checkoff dollars are working on your behalf through pork promotion, research and education. “I think of the Pork […]

African Swine Fever on the Move

By Mike King Despite its geographical name, African swine fever (ASF), like all pig diseases, doesn’t respect boundaries. This was apparent Aug. 3 when Chinese government officials announced the nation’s first case of ASF in a northeastern province, creating a global sensation in the pig world that could have far-reaching implications. Not the least of […]

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

By Bill Even When I started farming in 1983, agriculture was facing a tough financial situation. We sharpened the pencil, tightened our belts and sought out new efficiencies as we looked for ways to stay competitive. Most of all, I knew we could not afford to be distracted. Those experiences come back to me as […]

Aristotle Got It Right …

You’ve likely heard the phrase, The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. First coined by ancient philosopher Aristotle, it aptly defines today’s concept of synergy, or T.E.A.M. – together everyone achieves more. From sports teams to business projects to neighborhood fund-raisers, pooling resources, ideas and effort allows us all to accomplish more. […]

Esse quam videri:

Head down any gravel road in hog country, and you’ll find producers that put words into actions when it comes to the pork industry’s We Care initiative.

Are You “Just” a Producer?

As we prepare to enter the third decade of the 21st Century, it might be good to stop to reflect on how much agriculture has changed in our lifetime. I think back to the 1970s growing up on our family’s farm at Humboldt, South Dakota, where my father Neal and my uncle Loren raised corn, soybeans, cattle, pigs, hay and oats.

Milestone Moment

Doing what’s best for people, pigs and the planet has been second nature for pig farmers for decades. To demonstrate their commitment to ethical pork production, 10 years ago producers debuted the We Care initiative and pledged support to its six principles.

Task Force to Guide Pork Industry’s Sustainability Path

Milestone birthdays are often a time of reflection and introspection – a time to celebrate past success and take stock of opportunities and challenges ahead. That is exactly what the National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) are doing as the industry marks 10 years since the We CareSM initiative was launched.