Market Factors at Work Call for Planning

By Steve Meyer Two years ago in this column, I warned producers that things could get rough in the fall and that they should focus on price protection as supplies grew. Spot prices indeed did fall to the lowest level in a decade. And here we are again, with carcass prices in the low $40s. […]

6 Ways to Speak Consumers’ Language

Successful marketing is challenging. Consider a recent Harvard Business Review study that showed that people’s trust has declined in business, government, media and non-governmental agencies. Consumers also don’t trust traditional brands as much as in the past, according to Steve Lerch, account executive with Google. “That’s why it’s important to find the influencers your audience […]

Google-Powered Pork

Big Data + Digital Marketing = Eating More Pork By Darcy Maulsby and Jason Menke Pop quiz – how many times a day do you check your smartphone? 10 times? 20? 60? The answer might shock you. “The average person in the United States checks it 150 times a day,” said Steve Lerch, an account […]

Leading through Communication

By Kevin Waetke George Bernard Shaw wrote that “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Today, that has never been more true. People are distracted – by work, by family and, most recently, by their phones. In this mobile, digital world, phones connect us all. In response, the […]

Increase Professionalism in the Barn with Array of Tools

Pork producers can take advantage of valuable resources thanks to the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence (USPCE). Housed at the Pork Checkoff office as a separate entity, the USPCE is a nucleus for industry collaboration, focusing on research, teaching and Extension and offering resources for producers and students. “Resources available through the USPCE can assist […]

Checkoff Helps Producers Focus on People, Pigs and the Planet

By Carrie Webster Doing what’s best for people, pigs and the planet is a given on the nation’s pig farms. But with continuous improvement always the goal, the Pork Checkoff serves as an ongoing source of the latest certification programs, educational materials, on-farm tools and resources to enable pig farmers to be even more efficient […]

Science-Based Approach Provides Real-World Solutions

By Mike King When it comes to the Pork Checkoff’s core mission of research, education and promotion, the National Pork Board’s Science and Technology department delivers. Whether it’s the work of specific, producer- led committees that fund research for PRRS, sow productivity, antibiotics or sustainability, producers are receiving high value for their Checkoff investment. In […]

Major Milestones, Past and Present and Future

Examples of past and current collaboration include:   PRRS Host Genetics Consortium This research was a collaboration of the National Pork Board, PRRS CAP (coordinated agricultural project), USDA, the National Institute for Food and Agriculture, Genome Canada, private companies and universities. The multi-year project looked at how host genetics influences the outcome of PRRS infection. […]

International Marketing Strategy in Practice: Latin America

By Craig Morris Diversifying export market opportunities is the most critical aspect of the National Pork Board’s international marketing strategy. It is easy to say we are looking for new export market opportunities, but what does this look like in practice? How do we expand market share and increase exports to emerging global markets? How […]

Playing the Long Game in International Marketing

By Craig Morris Headlines about trade policy have been, admittedly, anything but comforting this summer, with the United States’ relationships with Mexico and China front-page news. Agriculture, and pork specifically, has often taken top billing. The National Pork Board can do little with Checkoff dollars to directly control the outcome of the incredibly complex trade […]