Variety Meats and By-Products Crucial to Growing Pork Exports

by Claire Masker Sales of pork variety meats and by-products offer huge potential when it comes to increasing total U.S. pork exports. Sales abroad of products that have little or no value domestically provide a significant return to the nation’s pork producers. Pork variety meats include pork livers, hearts, kidneys, and stomachs, as well as […]

Global Promotions Focus on Value, Versatility

by Claire Masker Chinese importers learn more about the benefits of U.S. pork products at events held in 2016. China With more U.S. plants eligible to export pork to China, the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is capitalizing on strong pork demand in China. To build stronger relationships between the U.S. and Chinese importers, a […]

2016 Exports Show Impressive Progress

by Claire Masker After a tough performance in 2015, U.S. pork exports showed impressive progress in 2016. Last year, 5.1 billion pounds of pork and pork variety meats valued at $5.94 billion were exported, up 8 percent and 7 percent respectively from 2015, according to USDA. On average, 2016 U.S. pork and pork variety meat […]

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day

As spring arrives, it is time to contemplate what transpired this winter. It is also time to congratulate ourselves and our pork chain partners for getting through what could have been a horrible period in relatively good shape. In fact, the recent past has set up 2017 to hold promise that some didn’t expect. Last […]

Playing to Our Strengths to Unleash the Power of Pork

by Bill Even When I worked in government as secretary of agriculture in South Dakota, I never liked the idea that sometimes having nothing happen was a politically acceptable outcome. To achieve results on the family farm, hard work was expected. I know that is what U.S. pork producers expect as well. Pig farmers are […]

One of Pork’s Trailblazers

by Jan Jorgensen From humble beginnings, the pork industry has grown over the decades into a progressive, successful contender that’s competing for protein sales both domestically and abroad. The entire pork chain has played a role, from producers to retailers, and from foodservice operators to today’s bloggers. State pork association leaders have been trailblazers as […]

Campus ‘Takeovers’ Introduce New Pork Options to Students

by Angela Anderson Penn State used the hashtag, #PSUEatsPork, to promote the pork takeover. About 10,000 students eat at the campus dining and retail locations daily. The Pork Checkoff created displays to share pork facts with students. Pork pot stickers and candied bacon waffle sundaes might not be typical at college campuses, but students recently […]

Innovative Chefs in UNCUT Videos Inspire More Pork Menuing

by Stephen Gerike In unscripted conversations, 11 leading chefs have shared their love of pork on UNCUT videos. Chefs and foodservice professionals can see how pork is prepared in top kitchens across the country through the Pork Checkoff’s UNCUT video series. Launched in 2015, the series has featured 11 leading chefs demonstrating how they incorporate […]

Taste of Now: Checkoff Targets Pork’s ‘Super Fans’

by Angela Anderson Call them the ultimate ambassadors of pork. America’s multicultural consumers savor pork’s starring role in their cultural heritage and relish the chance to incorporate pork into their modern lifestyle. With record pork supplies, now is a prime time to connect with this growing market.To do that, earlier this year the Pork Checkoff […]