Making Pork Famous

by Jenna Bieri, Social Strategy Manager YouTube Creators engage, educate and entertain in the name of pork Expanding on a larger partnership with Google, the National Pork Board has partnered with YouTube’s FameBit to engage in influencer marketing. FameBit is a YouTube marketing platform where brands such as NPB can easily collaborate with YouTube social […]

Importance of U.S. Export Markets Seen on International Mission

by Derrick Sleezer, International Marketing Committee Vice Chair I recently returned home from the National Pork Board’s International Marketing Committee Asia Mission that included stops in Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Macau. As my first trip to Asia, I really had no idea what to expect. Before the trade mission, I fully understood that the […]

It’s A Small World, After All

by Glenn Stolt, President and CEO, Christensen Farms I recently participated in the National Pork Board’s International Marketing Committee ten-day immersion mission to Asia. While in Hong Kong we met with forty of their largest importers—the people that decide whether our U.S. pork and pork products are the ones that will be sold in retail […]

South Korea: A Bright Spot for U.S. Pork Exports

by Clay Eastwood, manager of International Marketing Monthly Market Highlight South Korea is a booming and rapidly expanding market for U.S. pork exports. In 2017, U.S. pork and pork variety meat exports to Korea increased 28 percent by volume and were valued at $457 million – up 30 percent year-over-year and the second highest year […]

Google-Powered Pork

Big Data + Digital Marketing = Eating More Pork By Darcy Maulsby and Jason Menke Pop quiz – how many times a day do you check your smartphone? 10 times? 20? 60? The answer might shock you. “The average person in the United States checks it 150 times a day,” said Steve Lerch, an account […]

Leading through Communication

By Kevin Waetke George Bernard Shaw wrote that “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Today, that has never been more true. People are distracted – by work, by family and, most recently, by their phones. In this mobile, digital world, phones connect us all. In response, the […]

Checkoff Helps Producers Focus on People, Pigs and the Planet

By Carrie Webster Doing what’s best for people, pigs and the planet is a given on the nation’s pig farms. But with continuous improvement always the goal, the Pork Checkoff serves as an ongoing source of the latest certification programs, educational materials, on-farm tools and resources to enable pig farmers to be even more efficient […]

6 Healthy Deli Ham Recipes for Kids

Deli ham recipes are packed with nutrients for your growing kids and pack up nicely, too. Whether you’re packing meals for school, family outings, vacations or otherwise, deli ham recipes are a healthy and easy solution that will please the big kids, little kids and even adults. Deli ham recipes pair with many tasty sides […]

African Swine Fever on the Move

By Mike King Despite its geographical name, African swine fever (ASF), like all pig diseases, doesn’t respect boundaries. This was apparent Aug. 3 when Chinese government officials announced the nation’s first case of ASF in a northeastern province, creating a global sensation in the pig world that could have far-reaching implications. Not the least of […]